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Character journal [ROXAS] by sharpies, used for community neisenma.

Character Information
Character Name: Roxas Trece
Canon Source: Kingdom Hearts II
Age: Eighteen (18)
Present Location: Neisenma
Residential time: Five years.
Occupation: Odd job extraordinaire; previously member XIII.
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual yes, he likes boys.

Basic Personality: Roxas, in a handful, would be considered somewhat rebellious, if not massively curious. Like most individuals his age, he tends to go to mild extremes to try and earn a pretty penny, though generally avoids gathering too much attention to himself. Almost shy in some respects, the male reflects mild sarcasm to those unfamiliar with his person, though may open up to individuals he's more comfortable with. He tends to dislike bullying, or cruelty to humanity period, and will do what he can to prevent such events from happening (even at the risk of his own neck).
Considered somewhat of a reserved troublemaker, if not attempting to shaping his personal battle skills, he can be seen lounging about random areas of main Neisenma, likely itching for some company. Hardly anti-social, he's friendly under most regards, but may seen a bit too confident toward strangers. He occasionally comes equipped with a sharp tongue, though it isn't easily reflected unless with certain company. With an immense love for sweets, the youth generally spends what pocket money he may earn to suppress such cravings, but he would deny such accusations if ever brought forward.
All together, though familiar with an attitude, Roxas tends to hide a portion of himself from the public for fear of what may come of the growing darkness hence, he has questions, but does not ask them.

Background: Five years previous, Roxas appeared in Neisenma as a youth of twelve summers, fresh as a teenager, and hardly exploited to the cruelties of the world. Yet foreign in this land, he took no time to familiarize himself with the area, though distanced himself from the grander majority of the districts.
For a brief period, he enlisted his aid upon the bulletin found in Neisenma's center square, hoping to earn a name for himself, or at least enough money to afford a domain. Thus forced to live on the streets for a temporary period, as he took odd-jobs, he also became accustomed to the people who came and went from the metropolis, hence building his reputation with his helpful tendencies.
Eventually, he was hired as a member to an organization known simply as "XIII," where he was promised living quarters in exchange for his services. Curious, nonetheless, he accepted the invitation to become an addition to such a corporation without prior questioning to how they exactly performed, simply knowing it was a gathering of talented individuals. Ecstatic with his obtained position as the final member, number XIII, he completed his registered duties without inquiry, consequently becoming entwined in the web that XIII hoped to build.
For nearly four years, Roxas devoted his time, potential and even his person to building the massively growing enterprise, despite the knowledge he was gathering as a result. As citizens began to suffer from the XIII's practices, it was only then that the sandy blond took full notice of the chaos they were creating, despite what limited information he had been given. After witnessing (in brief) the true horrors that resided beneath Dierentuin, he chose to leave the organization, having no desire to further benefit their studies.
Therefore, forced to leave the friends he had made, and the life he had built behind him, Roxas packed up his possessions and left the southeastern region. Rather, returning to Neisenma with a heavy heart, he was once again offered an opportunity that could change his life. Wary, but realizing he would need protection if XIII ever thought to retaliate from his disobedience, he joined the militia faction of Shinra, an association located in Midgar that seemed far more impressed with aiding the general public.
Or so he thought.

Listed weapons and magical abilities: Dual keyblades, and an uncanny ability of agility. Plus a smart mouth.